The Black Holes - Universe Giants !

Black holes are theoretical objects. A Black Hole is an object which has such a high gravitational pull that not even light can escape through it. Hence it appears black which makes it very hard to observe directly.

Black holes may form as a result of the collapse of a very massive star at its death. In case of Black Holes, the initial star is so massive that nothing could stop its gravitational collapse. All the matter of the star's core is crushed to an infinitely small point, a singularity.

A black hole is shielded from the outside world by what is called an event horizon. This is a sphere around the black hole where light can no longer escape. Everything that crosses the event horizon is gone forever.

Evidence of existence

Despite the blackness of black holes there is evidence of their existence. If a black hole forms near a star it may get gobbled up by the black hole. And this can be easily observed by Astronomers. It is believed that many galaxies harbor super massive black holes in their cores which have gobbled so much matter that they have the mass of billions of suns.

Journey to Black Hole

According to Albert Einstein theory of General Relativity, as an object approaches a black hole its time slows down. The closer it gets to the black hole the more it appears to be in slow motion as seen by Earth. Eventually it appears to be frozen in time as it cross the event horizon.